Corporate Governance Overview

Our Board of Directors is at the helm of the company’s governance structure and is duty-bound to apply high ethical standards, taking into account the interests of all stakeholders. They provide the tone from the top with regard to how the company is to conduct its business in a manner that balances the interests of all stakeholders, i.e., employees, communities, shareholders, customers, suppliers, business partners, government regulatory bodies, etc. The Board ensures all shareholders are treated fairly and equitably, and also recognizes, protects and facilitates the exercise of their rights. Click here to view the rights of shareholders.

Success in implementing corporate governance standards is achieved when corporate governance standards become embedded in the culture of the organization and in our decision making and business processes. SM Prime acknowledges that good corporate governance is an integral part of good management practice and the four core principles of integrity, fairness, accountability and transparency are embedded in a practical way into business processes.

The impetus for improving corporate governance standards should go beyond mere compliance. The purpose and relevance of good corporate governance practices should be very clear and understood throughout the organization. To be effective, it should serve as the framework upon which all the policies and activities of the organization are built upon.

Through its Corporate Governance Committee, the Board oversees the compliance to the corporate governance policies in accordance with the requirements of the SEC Revised Code of Corporate Governance issued on November 19, 2016 as embodied in its Revised Corporate Governance Manual approved by the Board on February 20, 2017.  The revised manual seeks to increase the responsibilities of the Board, strengthen the protection of minority shareholders, and increase transparency in both financial and non-financial reporting.

For concerns or questions regarding corporate governance matters, please contact the Corporate Governance Team at corpgovernance@smprime.com.

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